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Planned Churchill Pipeline connection work leads to water disruptions

Published: November 30, 2022

As part of the City’s drought intervention efforts, Nelson Mandela Bay is currently developing the groundwater system. As of Monday 28 November 2022, the Municipality has been in the process of connecting groundwater into the City’s reticulation system and hence the planned shutdown. 

Although the seven-day shutdown of the Soccoman 1125mm diameter pipeline has led to low water pressure and water disruptions to a number of areas across the City, the groundwater will augment the City’s water supply in the near future. 

During the shutdown a connection point for the Bushy Park Wellfield Project will be installed. 

As planned, on November 28, 2022, the Soccoman pipeline was isolated and flow was temporarily redirected. This has caused a deficit in supply in certain areas as consumption continues to be high.

The Municipality is urging residents and businesses that have normal water supply to limit their water consumption to only what is absolutely necessary.

Additionally, during this period, individuals must strictly use less than 50 litres of water per day so that the scarce resource can be shared among all households and businesses.
The following areas are experiencing low pressure or water disruptions: 

1. Parts of Walmer
    2. Walmer Township
    3. Walmer Downs
    4. Walmer Heights
    5. Mangold Park
    6. Central
    7. Glen Hurd 
    8. Glendinningvale 
    9. Pari Park, Gelndore Road
    10. Perridgevale 
    11. Adcockvale
    12. Newton Park
    13. Parsons Hill
    14. Greenacres
    15. Greenacres Hospital 
    16. St Georges Hospital 
    17. Parts of Cotswold
    18. Richmond Hill 
    19. Parts of Schauderville
    20. Linkside
    21. Mill Park
    22. Parts of Central
    23. Mount Croix
    24. Perridgevale
    25. Deal Party
    26. North End 
    27. Sydenham 
    28. Greenshields park
    29. Lovemore Heights 
    30. Old Seaview Road
    31. Parts of Theescombe 
    32. Mount Pleasant

The collection points across the Metro will not be in use as the source of supply is also experiencing disruptions.
Water trucks will be made available and may be found in the following locations: 

1.Walmer Location
2.New Brighton (Nangoza Jebe)
3.Perridgevale Nile Road
4.Behind Tavcor Fairview
5.Builders Warehouse
6.3rd avenue Spar Newton Park
7.Schauderville area
8.Kensington area
9.Conyngham road (UWFM)
10.Central St. Patrick street

Issued by Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality Communications Office. For more information please do not hesitate to contact Communications and Media Liaison Officer Mthubanzi Mniki at 0713813779/041 5061555

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