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The Municipality does not have an animal anti-cruelty unit.

In the Uitenhage and surrounding districts, the Uitenhage SPCA can be contacted on 041 992 3016 or 082 905 4716 (as they are the contracted service provider for the NMBM municipal pound operating from Schonland Street, Uitenhage)

Animal cruelty can also be reported to the Animal Anti Cruelty League

  • Carrying out area checks to catch stray and unlicensed dogs and taking them to be impounded.
  • Transporting sick or injured dogs to the animal service provider for the NMBM for treatment or euthanasia, depending on condition of the animal.
  • Assisting State Veterinary Services with vaccinating animals against rabies or other diseases.
  • Investigating complaints about incessant barking
  • Checking requests to have more than two dogs on premises.

  • Exterminating and controlling certain types of vermin in NMBM.
  • Fumigating dwellings of indigent, low-income earners and municipal properties.
  • Trapping and setting out rat baits in the NMBM area.
  • Destroying bees in municipal properties and open spaces.
  • Controlling and impounding stray animals on public roads.

To ensure that contagious animal diseases are minimised and residents can enjoy a relatively safe environment.
Phone the Animal Control Unit's number: 079 490 0540 (all hours)


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