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No, the consumer cannot choose a pin number.  The computer randomly selects a computer-generated number. Also, the pin number is stored in the Billing System in a secured encrypted format. 

Yes, the IVR service can operate anywhere in the world because it’s an application that can be downloaded on any Android or Apple phone.

The account holder must however email in order to obtain a PIN number. 

The PIN number cannot be downloaded from the app

Yes, but only if the owner gives him/her a Power of Attorney document and a certified copy of the owner’s ID.

No, the account holder must register in order to obtain a PIN number to access IVR E-services.

Customers with more than one water or electricity meter route number can register for IVR meter–related services, but multiple readings can only be entered on the NMBM website under IVR E-services and not via the NMBM mobile App. 

All services offered by IVR require a PIN number. The pay-by-phone and voluntary meter readings service gets issued with a PIN number to ensure confidentiality.  

This PIN number can be reset by using the reset pin function on the NMBM Mobile app or NMBM website under E-services.

Alternatively, email to obtain a new pin. 

A SMS will be sent to the cellphone number on record requesting for a reading to be submitted within 5 working days. 

Readings submitted before the SMS or after the 5 working days will not be processed and usage will be estimated.

The various methods are listed below:-

1.   Online registration

2. IVR Registration Form obtainable at any Customer Care Centre

3. Contacting the Accounts Call Centre on telephone 041-506 5555

4.  Requesting a faxed application form via the IVR Help Desk menu on 041-506 5518

5. Download the NMBM mobile app via Android Playstore or Apple App store and register via the app on your cellphone.

SMS template for faxed statement to 31151 or phone 041 506 5518

Acc 600000000000 fax 0410000000

Registered pay by phone only


Acc 600000000000 bal

Steps to follow:

Type Acc, leave a space, type in your 12 digit municipal account number without leaving any spaces between the digits, and then leave a space after the 12 digit municipal account number and type in bal


Sms template below to 31151 or phone in to 041-506 5528

Water Entry

Acc 600000000000 mtr w 123456789


Acc 600000000000 mtr e 123456789

To purchase prepaid electricity you can sms 31151 or phone 041 506 5524.

See example below:

Acc (enter your 12 digit NMBM acc number)  mid (enter your 11 digit prepaid meter number)  PIN (use your IVR pin) amt (purchase amount needed)

Within a few minutes, you will receive a SMS response containing your token number, receipt no and amount purchased. If you do not receive a response please phone (041) 506 5524 and verify the last transaction or token purchased.

Additional purchases cannot be made, unless all previous purchases are cleared by your bank.

There is no limit to the number of meters that can be registered on the IVR system.

NMBM does not charge for any IVR services offered, but it may cost the customer additional banking fees where such transactions are not honored ( e.g.  pay-by-phone).

No, you cannot submit voluntary readings via e-mail.

However, you can submit via the NMBM Mobile App, NMBM website E-services, SMS your readings to 31151 or phone 041- 506 5528.


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