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Please first check if you have received any notification re: a letter (posted), as we usually send them to the address given by your applicant or by you if you did not use a professional to apply on your behalf. If you still find that you have not received a decision, then please phone Customer Information Center (CIC) on 0415062150  / 0415062432 / 0415062434 / 0415063272 or contact your building inspectorate offices for further assistance 0415062462.
Yes, you will need Building Regulations approval if drainage alterations are made. Not fitting alterations. If you are unsure, please contact your building inspector to verify if a building plan will be needed.
No. No Building Inspector nor any other staff employed at the Building Inspectorate Department are allowed to draw building plans. We render a service to the public to assist in planning / site inspection  queries where needed but we do not provide the service of drawing up building plans for anyone. If you have further queries or would like to be assisted regarding a complaint related to the above mentioned matter, you are welcome to contact our Building Inspectorate Inquiry email address at
Yes – you can discuss your proposals with a planning officer / building inspector and get advice before you submit your building plan application.
Yes, we would always encourage you to discuss your ideas and proposals at your earliest convenience. We will be pleased to discuss National Building Regulation requirements. Building Control Officials are available during office hours to discuss any building control issues you might have. (Refer to building control contact details)
No. Unfortunately we cannot recommend individuals, we would always suggest you consider builders / architects / draftsmen who are prepared to let you view recent projects and seek references from previous clients. Recommendations provided by friends / relatives do give a degree of reassurance, together with membership (registration) of appropriate trade / professional associations. Always agree to your requirement whether this be through a formal contract or written plans and specifications, give consideration to issues such as insurance, access to the property, fire safety, services such as water and electric, security, site clearance / cleanliness etc.
  • No, if the repairs are of a minor nature and you are replacing like for like. This includes replacing the felt to a flat roof, repainting, replacing a small area of previously existing and approved brickwork etc.
  • Yes, if the repair involves the removal of a major part of a wall and rebuilding it. In the case of re-roofing if the tiles are of the same type then no approval need be sought. If the new tile or roofing material is substantially heavier or lighter than the existing material, then an approval under Building Regulations will be required.

Please note:

When undertaking substantial repairs and replacement approval may be required including work to thermal elements i.e. roofs and walls. Substantial refurbishment and repairs may require the upgrading of thermal elements e.g. replacing part of an external wall
Yes - All drainage work in connection with a building requires an application, all consumer installation must comply with the South African standard specification 10252: water supply and drainage for buildings, SANS 10106: the installation, maintenance, repair and replacement of domestic solar water heating system and SANS 10254: the installation of fixed electric storage water heating systems or any similar substituting or amendment thereof if the consumers installation is of a type regulated by either standard.
Yes, this is a structural alteration and an appointment of a registered structural Engineer is essential.
Yes, the site drainage system is indicated on the building plan and the general services plans are available from services division and, are available for the public upon request and with the payment of the relevant tariff, should a copy be requested. Reference being made to the Waste Water Department - 6th Floor, Mfanasekhaya Gqobose Building, former Eric Tindale Building.
If you have concerns over derelict and empty buildings or any building structure that may pose a danger to the people in or around them, please report this to us and we will take appropriate action. Report the matter to the municipality at the relevant Building Control Office nearest to you. (Offices situated in Uitenhage, Despatch, Port-Elizabeth, Motherwell and Zwide)

Formal complaints can also be addressed to 
(Try to include as many details as possible - address, photos, reasons etc.)
By contacting building plan counters in the relevant Customer Information Center. (CIC - 0415062150 / 0415063272 / 0415062434 / 0415062432)

The Building Inspectorate Office is the primary source of information about your property. Ask for a copy of the history for your property. This history is typically previously approved plans with dates of all building additions done and general data about the construction. The Building Inspectorate Main Office (PE) can be reached at 0415062462.

Please note that copies of the records can be made at the Central Information offices (Ground Floor, Lillian Diedricks Building) after payment has been made on the ground floor at the cashiers, Mfanasekhaya Gqobose Building. Please note that no cash will be accepted for plan copies at the Building Inspector Archive counter and that you will only receive a receipt for payment to be made at the cashiers. You will be charged according to size of prints of the plans as well as the amount of copies you require.
A building plan is valid for 12 months from the date of approval. You may apply in writing to your local authority for an extension before the expiry date. Extension can be granted for six months upon receipts of written request from the property owner.
We aim to determine most building plan applications within the statutory time periods – usually two weeks (or 14 days) from the date of validation / submission.
This is obviously the last thing we want; our main goal is to ensure that your development meets Building Standards and we will endeavor to help you whenever we can. We pride ourselves on a professional, practical and ethical approach – if you have any concerns or reservation please log a call at the customer care center (0415063272 / 0415062150 / 0415062434 / 0415062432) or send a email to our department’s inquiry address
Submit building plans for consideration at your respective Customer Information Center, (CIC - Situated on the ground floor, Lillian Diedricks Building)
No. These are two entirely separate processes. Planning permission considers land use and rights. Certain proposals may require Building Regulation Approval but not Planning Permission. Planning inquiries can be made with the Land Planning department (2nd Floor, Lilian Diedricks Building) 


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