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No significant increase in dam levels despite recent intermittent rain

Published: January 23, 2020

The recent sporadic rain in Nelson Mandela Bay might have been a relief for plants and residents with water tanks but it did not have any significant impact on the levels of our main water supply dams.

Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality Member of the Mayoral Committee for Infrastructure, Engineering, Electricity and Energy Andile Lungisa said residents must remain vigilant and report water wastage while the municipality in turn will continue its efforts to conserve water to the best of its ability.

"The updates and predictions that we receive from the South African Weather Services paint a bleak picture. It therefore means that we all have to comply with the stringent water restrictions that are currently in place,” MMC Lungisa said.
Comparative dam levels

Major storage dam levels on Monday, 20 January 2020.
Kouga 22.75 %
Churchill 88.94 %
Impofu 16.77 %
Groendal 30.68 %

Ave all 29.40% of total combined capacity.

Major storage dam levels today (Thursday, 23 January 2020).
Kouga 22.73 %
Churchill 88.87 %
Impofu 16.76 %
Groendal 31.87 %

Ave all 29.43% of total combined capacity.

Water restrictions
In terms of Section 4 of the Water Services Act 108 (No 108 of 1997) and Clause 31 of the Water and Sanitation Services By-law, the following are prohibited:
1. Restrict household consumption to 15 kl per metered connection or 50litres per person per day,
2. Blanket restriction of high consumers using discs or flow restrictors,
3. The usage of hosepipes are not allowed (to water gardens, wash cars, hose down walls or paving, top up pools, fountains or ponds, etc.), unless:
a) The water is from a source other than municipal.
b) The water is used for firefighting purposes.
4. The usage of municipal water is not allowed to water gardens, wash cars, hose down walls or paving, top up pools, fountains or ponds, etc.
5. The usage of sprinklers or irrigation systems are not allowed, unless the water is from a source other than municipal.
6. All building contractors to use treated effluent, collected from Fishwater Flats (or any other appropriate wastewater treatment works), other than for concrete work.
7. All domestic customers will have a flow meter restrictor installed when water usage is excessive.
8. All borehole users must register with the municipality, and comply with the conditions attached to such registration, particularly the prohibition on the sale or transfer of own borehole water for use on other properties.
9. No municipal water can be used for swimming pools
10. No automatic urinal flushing systems allowed.
11. All car washes will be required to recycle 60% of their water.
12. No municipal showers around recreational facilities can be used, and;
13. Municipal swimming pools must be filled with suitable ground water.

Call our Metro Police at 041 585 1555 (select 2) or our 24-hour Service Delivery call centre at 0800 20 50 50 to report water wastage.


Issued on behalf of the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality by Municipal Spokesman Kupido Baron  (082 780 2726 / 041 506 1500 / / @kupidobaron).

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